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Whee! A Ride (and Crash) With Elvis - July 8, 1960

Elvis Presley and several friends took a spin around McKellar Lake in his new boat Friday July 8, 1960. He purchased the 16-foot powder blue speedboat the night before. Elvis said he had first become interested in boating while in California. Asked if he planned to ski, he said: "Not today. Don't want to make an idiot of myself."

July 8, ElvisĀ takes a spin around McKellar Lake in his new $2000 16-foot boat to water ski boat.

July 8, ElvisĀ takes a spin around McKellar Lake in his new $2000 16-foot boat to water ski boat.

Elvis Presley has me 'All shook Up'. The next time he invites me to take a spin around McKellar Lake, I'm going to take out travel insurance first.

Elvis bought himself a new $2000 16-foot boat to water ski with.

He and four chums were trying it out yester-day afternoon when yours truly arrived on the scene. 

An Invitation

'Want to take a ride?' Elvis said to me. (I should have known better, because he had just said: 'This is the first time I ever drove a boat.')

Well, sir, let me tell you – Elvis is a good driver. He just hasn't learned how to stop yet.

With Elvis at the wheel, we roared off. The nose of the boat lifted high out of the water.

We passed several other boats. 'Hey, that was Elvis.' A girl shouted.

Clocked at 38 Par

Another boat pulled alongside, clocked Elvis at 38 mph. Not bad, but nothing like his Cadillacs.

We banked and Elvis headed the blue and white speedster back toward the Marina.

Your reporter's hand clutched a life preserver as Elvis began playfully zig-zagging the boat.

Then the Marina loomed up ahead. Elvis cut the motor and reached for the reverse shift to break the impact.

He couldn't get it into reverse. Then – WHAM.

Dock Survives

'Well, that's one way of stopping it,' Elvis said. We scrambled out of the boat. The dock wasn't damaged, but a mooring ring on Elvis' new boat was smashed.

I thanked Elvis for the ride, put my pencil and pad away and left. I don't mind covering the waterfront but I will stay ashore next time.

Presley's New Boat Inspected -- 'I Want it Safe', He Tells Phillips

Elvis Presley wasted no time in taking his brand new speed boat to Jack Phillips, waterfront safety director at McKellar Lake for a courtesy safe inspection.

'Look at my boat,' Elvis said from beneath his new black yachting cap. 'I want a safe boat. Tell me what I need.'

Elvis was the last person to have a boat inspected during National Boat Safety Week, which ended Saturday. Phillips said that the inspection will continue at the lake's ramp, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

The courtesy examination sticker is put on boats meeting seven requirements.

 1. A safely constructed boat.

2. Proper lighting – red and green lights up front and bright white light in the rear of the boat.

3. Coast Guard approved life preservers for every person in the boat. (Elvis has nine preservers – more than enough).

4. Three railroad-type red flares.

5. One or more paddles.

6. An anchor, preferably metal, and strong line, preferably 100 feet long or more.

7. A pump or bailer, such as a large bucket.

Memphis Press Scimitar, July 11, 1960

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