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Elvis Presley and Capt. Marvel Jr

In Elvis and Gladys Elaine Dundy highlights Elvis' interest in the comic book hero, Capt. Marvel Jr., and demonstrates the interesting similarity in Elvis' haircut compared to that of the comic book character and that his TCB logo (with a Marvel-esque lightning bolt insignia) also shows inspiration from Captain Marvel Jr. In addition, some of Elvis' stage outfits (with a half-cape similar to those worn by the Marvels).

TCB Logo - Elvis PresleyElvis Presley was a big fan of Captain Marvel Jr. and his collection of Captain Marvel Jr. comic books still sits in the attic of Graceland. Captain Marvel Jr. is a fictional character, a superhero derived from the Fawcett Comics character Captain Marvel, later purchased by DC Comics. A member of the Marvel Family team of superheroes, he was created by Ed Herron and Mac Raboy, and first appeared in Whiz Comics #25 in December 1941.

Captain Marvel, Jr.'s alter-ego is Freddy Freeman, a crippled newsboy saved by Captain Marvel from the villainous Captain Nazi. Junior derives his powers from Captain Marvel himself, while the other Marvels derive their powers from the wizard Shazam. By saying the name Captain Marvel, Freddy is transformed into the teenaged Captain Marvel Jr. Unlike Captain Marvel and the modern-era version of Mary Marvel, Junior remains a teenager in his transformed state.

Elvis Presley and Capt. Marvel Jr

To learn more you need to read the book :

The interesting article about Captain Marvel Jr and Elvis Presley at Elvis Australia

Elvis and Gladys is one of the best researched and most acclaimed books on Elvis' early life, reconstructs the extraordinary role Gladys played in her son's formative years.

Uncovering facts not seen by other biographers, Elvis and Gladys reconstructs for the first time the history of the mother and son's devoted relationship and reveals new information about Elvis--his Cherokee ancestry, his boyhood obsession with comic books, and his early compulsion to rescue his family from poverty. Coming to life in the compelling narrative is the poignant story of a unique boy and the maternal tie that bound him.

It is at once an intimate psychological portrait of a tragic relationship and a mesmerizing tale of the early years of an international idol.

On the other hand the following image comes from Elvis personal Copy of Ed Parker's 'Kempo Karate' book published in the 1960's. So Elaine Dundy may well be jumping to a understandable but mistaken assumption. (We are still looking into this and welcome any feedback). Thanks to Joseph Pirzada for the image.


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